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Membership Details


At just $39.99 per month, joining the OW Club is the best way for you to easily maintain that white white smile year-round! By enrolling in the Club, you'll receive amazing discounts on each appointment you book with us. 

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No Contracts! You are never under any term obligations with the OW Club. If anything ever changes with your situation, you're free to cancel with no penalties.


Earn 30 minutes of teeth whitening with each month paid. You can choose to redeem monthly 30 minute whitening sessions, or let your credits stack and redeem them instead for a 60 minute session every 2 months or a 90 minute session every 3 months. It's your choice!


Each OW Club member is an instant VIP with Organically White. This means that we'll always prioritize your appointments and you'll always receive the best possible pricing. You'll also get a 20% discount on gift cards or products. 

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Membership Pricing

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ow club frequent questions

How much is the membership monthly?

The OW Whitening Club membership is $39.99/ month

Is there a contract?

No! The OW Whitening Club is month-to-month, with no time committments or obligations. You can cancel your membership at any time by writing or emailing us.

What do I get with each monthly payment?

Each time your monthly of $39.99 is billed, you earn 1 credit which is valid for 30 minutes of teeth whitening with Organically White. Depending on your lifestyle and teeth, you can redeem these credits every month, every 2 months or every 3 months. It's your call!

When do I pay?

If you are signing up for the membership the day of your booking, you'll be charged the month following your initial appointment. If you are signing up for the membership before booking an appointment with us, you'll need to call us to sign up so we can apply membership pricing to your appointment and arrange payment for the monthly membership.

Do I get anything when signing up?

Yes! You'll get a complimentary at-home teeth whitening pen (normally sells for $25). You can redeem in the studio or we can ship this to you as well if you're signing up over-the-phone.

What is your member pricing?

Our member pricing is as follows: 30 Min Whitening Session = $39.99 (1 monthy credit) 60 Min Whitening Session = $79.98 (2 monthly credits) 90 Min Whitening Session = $119.98 (3 monthly credits)