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A whiter smile has never been more simple.


    Our before and after results speak for themselves. See why we are the #1 Utah Teeth Whitening company!


    Organic. FDA-certified. Kosher. Gluten-Free. No harsh chemicals.


    Cold blue LED technology, combined with our unique organic teeth whitening formula, will get you whitening results that you simply can't achieve with at-home or store-bought products.


    We don't use harsh chemicals typically used in dental teeth whitening. It's time to experience pain free teeth whitening.


    Hundreds of five star reviews speak for themselves. See why we are the #1 Utah Teeth Whitening company!

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The Organically White Difference

 Teeth whitening has been around for A LONG time. 4,000 years to be exact. Ancient Egyptians whitened their teeth with pumice stone & vinegar, as white teeth were seen as a sign of great wealth and beauty. Today, a white smile can simply mean more confidence!


At-home whitening kits or bleaching your teeth at a dentist office with harsh chemicals can both harm your teeth and gums, as well as cause a lot of sensitivity and pain. There is an (effective) organic solution.


At Organically White, we believe that pain free teeth whitening is something accessible by all people, regardless of what your teeth currently look like. Whiter teeth gives everyone confidence, not just those who have a perfect set of teeth already.  We use products that are not only organic and safe, but also extremely effective. 95% of our clients experience a 5 or more color-grade difference in their first 90 min session. 

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